OCD Rescue Review

OCD Rescue … Right, first things first. My goal is to help you decide whether you need it or not. Ok, time for a no-nonsense admission – I haven’t used or purchased the product (see my About page for the reasons why), but I have crossed the internet tracking down info on it, so you don’t have to. And hopefully someone who has bought it will add their opinion to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section to the right. So get ready as I save you time and tell you all you need to know about OCD Rescue.

What is is?

You don’t even need to click through to the product’s website, I have produced a summary of what they say about themselves here:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) CAN be overcome. Learn more about how the OCD Rescue Program can help YOU live better and get your FREE email seminar!

  • Do you ever get afraid that you’re going to act out in an embarrassing or socially inappropriate way such as by suddenly shouting obscenities or doing something that goes against your morals and values?
  • Is collecting or hoarding a problem in your life or do you struggle with other obsessive and compulsive disorders such as hair pulling (trichotillomania), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), or hypochondria?
  • Do the research yourself and see how widely recommended the program is, read what others think about it, and then decide for yourself. I’m convinced that if you do your homework, the choice is obvious.
  • There’s no new age mumbo jumbo, hypnosis, or ridiculous exercises to do, just advanced and cutting edge methods that worked for me and many others, and I think you’ll find can work for you too.
  • The simple 4-step technique that my own experience has shown can bring even extreme anxiety to a grinding halt. You’ll learn it in about 15 minutes and can have the knowledge for a lifetime.
  • Do you feel drawn to repeatedly check things such as door locks or appliances because you doubt yourself? Do you ever find yourself checking to make sure you didn’t hurt someone?
  • You can use and evaluate The OCD Rescue Program for a full 60 days and THEN decide what you think. If you don’t LOVE IT, you won’t pay for it, it’s that simple.
  • Are you overly focused on things like dirt or germs or other kinds of contamination that leads to compulsive cleansing such as frequent hand-washing or sanitizing?
  • Do you frequently feel like you must perform tasks or rituals “correctly” such as in a certain order, a certain number of times, or with perfect symmetry?
  • How to stop doing the things that could be making your OCD worse – you’re probably not even aware of what you’re doing wrong!

Is anyone buying it?

Here I can provide you with some hard facts. We can use statistics provided by the payment processor. They release something they call the product’s “Gravity”. It’s an indicator of how well the product is selling. I’ve taken this amount and turned it into a rating out of 100. Products with a high rating are popular. OCD Rescue scores 68.82/100 which is around standard.

Time to buy – your options

So, you’ve read through the summary of what the product’s about. You’ve read the user reviews on the right hand side of the page. Maybe you’ve even decided you might like to buy the product. So what now?

Option 1: Buy Direct

You click through to http://ocdrescue.com/, and find their link to buy the product. From there you’ll be linked through to the payment processor page and you can pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal. As of the time of writing the standard price for the product is $97.

Option 2: Buy Through Me

If you click this link: ocdrescue.com you’ll also be taken through to ocdrescue.com, where you can buy the product in the same way as the first option. However, because you arrived at the site through a special link, I get the credit for sending over a potential buyer. If you do end up buying, I will receive a commission. There’s no difference in the cost to you. You might want to go for this option if:
  • You feel my site has helped you and you’d like to say thanks.
  • You’d like to be eligible for a purchase bonus (see below)

The purchase bonus

If you decide to go with Option 2, then you qualify for a bonus. This is my thank you for using my link. For more info and to find out what the bonus is, click hereOCD Rescue Review8.0103